The Infinity Rewards system is driven by certain rules and based on adhering to legal requirements. Additional rules also apply to ensure conformity across the platform to eliminate confusion by the Card Holders. To this effect, certain products are allowed to receive rewards and some are not.

Below please find an extract of the Zero Reward Policy:

Compulsory Zero Reward Products

Products that are linked to promotions and competitions do not earn rewards for the duration of the promotion or competition. This is done to avoid double discounts and to promote conformity between partners.

Tobacco products and cigarettes – the Tobacco Controls Act does not allow for these products to earn rewards. Stores further have the option to request certain products to be exempted from earning rewards.


  1. Magazines – due to low margins
  2. Airtime – due to low margins
  3. Electricity - due to low margins

A store that does not want to give rewards on certain products must send a Reward exempt product file to Infinity Rewards. Infinity will load the products on the Infinity system and these products will not receive rewards.